Why do I run?

Why do I run? That is one of those ridiculously simple questions that is incredibly hard to answer. That is probably why I cover it in the Home and About Me pages as well as here in my first post.

The simple answer is:

Because I Love Running

But I don’t always love running, have a look through my Instagram posts and you will see I am also indifferent to running and I actively hate running.

There are days when I can bounce out of bed with the small hand on the number 5, excited to get out and pound the pavements as soon as I possibly can. Then there are the times when it takes over an hour to go out for a 5k because putting the laundry that has quite happily been sitting in the basket for the last week is suddenly a priority, as is checking the use by date on the cheese at the back of the fridge.

So I only mostly love running. So that can’t be it.

I Run To Keep My Weight In Check

Running has helped me become a healthy weight, but that was never the goal. I started losing weight because I ran I did not run to lose weight. Running did help me lose weight initially but then I decided to lose more weight to help my running. It has never been about weight for me, it has been about running.

For Better Mental Health

It is not like I have ever found myself thinking ‘I feel really anxious at the moment, I think I will go for a run’. I have however found myself thinking ‘I did not realise how tense I was until I went for that run’. This may be the closest to a simple answer I will find. It does feel much more like a happy side effect rather than a reason.

The answer is probably this:

I Do It To Win

Nope. I have realised I am OK at this game but that is as far as I will go. I will never win a race. There may be the odd first in my age category at Parkrun but the only way I will ever get close to a Good For Age qualifying time for the Boston Marathon will be if I outlive all the other runners.

Running has probably made me more competitive than I was before but the only person I am racing is me. That means that I will never win because as soon as I do I become the guy to beat.

Here is what the reason may be:

I Think I Am Scared Not To Run

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